Rules of Affinity

Paul Henebury

The rules of affinity help us establish which doctrines are primary and which could be said to be secondary or tertiary. The rules give us a greater appreciation for how strongly we can assert a particular doctrine is definitely taught within Scripture. [58 minutes]

001 Clear Correlations The Rules of Affinity - Clear Correlations
We can firmly uphold doctrines which are clearly and directly taught within Scripture. [20 minutes]
002 Inference to the Best Explanation The Rules of Affinity - Inference to the Best Explanation
Some doctrines are not directly taught by Scripture, but represent the best explanation based on clear inference from related passages. [16 minutes]
003 Intrusions of Human Reasoning The Rules of Affinity - Intrusions of Human Reasoning
Some doctrines taught within the church are neither based on direct statements nor clearly inferred from passages. These "doctrines" are based on inference and deduction which stray beyond the teaching of Scripture. [24 minutes]

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