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20 Darwinism and Judicial Interpretation The Impact of Darwinian Evolution upon Modern Judicial Philosophy and Interpretation

In this two-part presentation, Andy discusses how the interpretation of law has drifted far from the original intention of the framers of our constitution by interpreting the meaning of the document in accordance with Darwinian principles. [84 minutes]

This presentation was given at Bayside Community Church in Tampa, Florida.
21 Resurrections in Review Resurrections in Review

In this two-part presentation, Andy defines what resurrection is and summarizes the different resurrections found within Scripture. [1 hour 56 minutes]
22 Spiritual Gifts Spiritual Gifts

In this four-part presentation, Andy surveys various spiritual gifts and how they are to function to benefit the Body of Christ. [2 hours, 36 minutes]

This presentation was given at Bayside Community Church in Tampa, Florida.
23 Islamic Invasion Of Israel Islamic Invasion of Israel

In this two-part presentation, Andy examines what the prophet Ezekiel reveals concerning a future invasion of Israel by a league of nations. [1 hour, 19 minutes]

This presentation was given at Bayside Community Church in Tampa, Florida.
24 America's Christian Heritage America's Christian Heritage

Andy reviews historical evidence establishing the Christian heritage of the United States--something which was once unquestioned but is now being increasingly ignored or even denied by revisionist historians and teaching.

This presentation was given at Sugar Land Bible Church in Sugar Land, Texas. [45 minutes]
25 KHCB Questions and Answers KHCB Radio: Questions and Answers

Andy appears on a call-in program on KHCB radio answering questions about the Bible. The most recent edition appears first. [60 minutes]
26 The Grace of God The Grace of God

The grace of God is illustrated by examining the differing reactions of two thieves crucified with Jesus. What did one thief see which brought him to eternal life while the other continued in his rejection of Jesus? [54 minutes]
27 Christmas in the Old Testament Christmas in the Old Testament

What did the Old Testament predict concerning the identity of the baby Who would eventually be born in Bethlehem as the Savior of mankind? [1 hour, 54 minutes]
28 How To Pray How to Pray

An examination of the prayer of Daniel provides important principles which should characterize spiritual petition by all believers. [40 minutes]
29 What is Wrong with Man What is Wrong with Man?

When horrible crimes are committed media pundits theorize as to the ultimate cause of such abnormal behavior. Was the criminal the victim of his environment? Could it have been prevented through better education or by means of a more comprehensive system of social support? What does the Bible reveal concerning the matter? [49 minutes]

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