Apologetics and Worldview

Paul Henebury

These lectures on Apologetics and Worldview were given to people whose ages ranged from about 15 to 70. I tried to be quite low-key and to strike a balance between a full-on presuppositional apologetics presentation and Christian worldview course. That means that I was not focused so much on just one or the other, but a blend of the two. I think it worked well sometimes and other times it just worked. [19 hours 11 minutes]

001 Introduction Apologetics and Worldview: Introduction - Field of Vision
An introduction to the topic including a discussion of the implications of an atheistic worldview. [1 hour 19 minutes]
002 Creation Apologetics and Worldview: Introduction - The Background of Creation
A discussion of the unique nature of the biblical account of creation as it relates to one’s worldview. [1 hour 45 minutes]
003 Creator Creature Apologetics and Worldview: Introduction - The Creator/Creature Distinction
In the biblical worldview, the Creator is distinct from His creation and creatures. [1 hour 30 minutes]
004 Dependent Reasoning Apologetics and Worldview: Introduction - Dependent Reasoning
The Christian worldview presupposes a transcendent God upon which reason itself depends. [1 hour 41 minutes]
005 Antithesis Apologetics and Worldview: Introduction - Stressing the Antithesis
The Christian apologist must argue from the light he or she has been saved into: the worldview of the transcendent God of the Bible. [1 hour 34 minutes]
006 Science And Personal Knowledge Apologetics and Worldview: Science and Personal Knowledge
How do we engage with our surroundings in order to gain knowledge? [1 hour 41 minutes]
007 Myth Of Naturalistic Science Apologetics and Worldview: The Myth of Naturalistic Science
Naturalism cannot explain many aspects of reality. Science itself relies upon concepts from outside the natural realm. [1 hour 26 minutes]
008 Scientism And Circularity Apologetics and Worldview: Scientism and Circularity
Is science the objective pursuit of truth it is represented to be? [1 hour 37 minutes]
009 Faith Reason Truth Apologetics and Worldview: Faith, Reason, Truth
How are faith, reason, and truth interrelated? [1 hour 37 minutes]
010 Preconditions Facts and the Historical Christ Apologetics and Worldview: Preconditions, Facts, and the Historical Christ
Our interpretation of facts is influenced by the worldview and influences the resulting conclusions we draw from those facts. [1 hour 36 minutes]
011 Evidence in Real Time Apologetics and Worldview: Evidence in Real Time
The Bible is attested by historical evidence from the time it was written. [1 hour 38 minutes]
012 Concluding Thoughts Apologetics and Worldview: Concluding Thoughts - A Cohesive Worldview
Learning to think critically about worldviews in our approach to apologetics as Christians. [1 hour 47 minutes]

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