Apologetics by Paul Henebury

Paul Henebury

Paul Henebury gives a series of presentations on the subject of apologetics. [2 hours 16 minutes]

01 What is Apologetics What is Christian Apologetics? (1 Peter 3:15)
What does the term "apologetics" mean and what questions and issues does it address? [16 minutes]
02 Why Apologetics Why Apologetics is Necessary
What is the purpose of Christian Apologetics? [11 minutes]
03 The Importance of Truth The Importance of Truth
Truth is actively suppressed because, unlike opinion, truth is universal. [16 minutes]
04 Classical Apologetics Classical Apologetics
What is classical apologetics, how does it make use of natural theology, and what are its limitations? [7 minutes]
05 Evidentialism Evidentialism
Is evidence sufficient to convince people of the existence of the Christian God? [7 minutes]
06 Verificationism Verificationism
What is the verificational or cumulative approach to a defense of the faith? What are its strengths and weaknesses? [7 minutes]
07 Reformed Epistemology Reformed Epistemology
Belief in God is a common-sense, experiential, rational fact which is foundational to the ability to know or argue anything. [9 minutes]
08 Axiomatic Suppositionalism Axiomatic Suppositionalism
How does Axiomatic Suppositionalism differ from classic Presuppositional Apologetics and what are its weaknesses? [8 minutes]
09 True Presuppositionalism True Presuppositionalism
What is presuppositional apologetics and why is it the truly biblical approach? [14 minutes]
10 What is Biblical Faith What is Biblical Faith?
Do faith and reason apply to two separate spheres of experience, as often posited by secular thinkers? Are scientists immune from the need to exercise faith? [15 minutes]
11 What is Reason What is Reason?
Is reason opposed to Biblical faith: each one operating in different spheres? Or does faith assume a use of our mental faculties to explain the world in a rational, orderly, and comprehensive way? [14 minutes]
12 The Myth of Neutrality The Myth of Neutrality
Is it possible to hold a neutral, unbiased position when investigating different worldviews? [12 minutes]

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