Bible Interpretation

Steve Lewis

Basic Bible Interpretation
These sessions discuss the basic principles that are required for accurately interpreting the Scriptures including: Understanding the written language of the Bible; Understanding the history, geography, and culture of the Bible writers; Understanding the literary forms and special types of language used in the Bible; Understanding the systematic unity of the Scriptures; and Understanding principles for the proper application of the Bible to our lives today.

01 Intro Introduction to Bible Interpretation
This session discusses the need and the importance of sound principles for Bible interpretation. [51 minutes]
02 Lang Understanding the Language of the Bible
This section discusses how we can best understand the language of the Bible. It gives an overview of several English versions for Bible study, and describes how we can determine the meanings of biblical words and phrases. [46 minutes]
03 Context The Importance of Context in Interpreting the Bible
This section discusses the importance of interpreting a passage of Scripture within its context, because the meaning of the text is almost always determined by what surrounds it. Principles, examples, and resources are included for interpreting in context. [48 minutes]
04 Setting Understanding the Setting of a Bible Passage
This section discusses the importance of understanding the historical, geographical, and cultural setting of a Bible passage. [72 minutes]
05 Special Special Topics in Bible Interpretation
This section discusses special topics in Bible interpretation, including figurative language of several kinds (parables, symbols, types, prophecy). [59 minutes]
06 Apply Applying the Scriptures to Our Lives Today
This section discusses the issues of alleged contradictions and difficulties in the Bible, the systematic unity of the Scriptures, and the principles for correctly applying the message of the Bible to our lives today. [67 minutes]

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