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Teaching on miscellaneous topics by Andy Woods.

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130 Jesus One Of A Kind Jesus: One of a Kind (John 2:18-22)

History attests to the uniqueness of Jesus Christ. [1 hour 6 minutes]
131 Highlights From Hebrews 6 Highlights from Hebrews 6 (Hebrews 6)

How should we understand difficult passages in Hebrews 6? [1 hour 9 minutes]
132 Kept From The Hour Kept from the Hour (Revelation 3:10)

What significance does Jesus' promise in the first century to the church in Philadelphia have for believers in our day? [1 hour 41 minutes]
133 Consequences Of Kingdom Now Theology Consequences of Kingdom Now Theology

What are the practical consequences when the Church believes its primary role is "bringing in the kingdom"? [1 hour 1 minute]
134 The Rapture What And When The Rapture: What and When?

What is the rapture and how does it fit within God’s prophetic plans? [1 hour]
135 Christmas Convergence Christmas Convergence (Numbers 24:17; Micah 5:2)

Numerous Biblical predictions and promises converged in the birth of Christ. [2 hours 8 minutes]
136 Jesus One Of A Kind Jesus: One of a Kind (John 1:14)

The Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory. [1 hours 9 minutes]
137 The Principles That Made America Great The Principles that made America Great

Andy discusses the principles which informed the foundation of the United States, resulting in its blessed position among the nations. [2 hours 18 minutes]
138 Why Did God Become Man Why Did God Become Man? (John 1:14)

There is divine purpose behind the miracle of the incarnation. [1 hours 24 minutes]
139 Why The Virgin Birth Why The Virgin Birth? (Isaiah 7:14)

What divine purposes were accomplished by way of the virgin birth? [1 hours 6 minutes]

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