Romans 9-11

Tony Garland

Having rejected Messiah Jesus at His first coming, Paul answers the question, What about Israel? Has God's Word failed? Paul shows that God's promises to Israel still stand, even after her rejection of Messiah Jesus. God's sovereign promises to Israel in the Old Testament are as good as His promises to New Testament believers today. [15 hours 47 minutes]

01 Romans 9 1-5 Romans 9:1-5 - Paul's Sorrow Concerning Israel
Paul expresses his anguish over the rejection of Messiah Jesus by his countrymen, the Israelites. Paul emphasizes eight unique privileges of Israel in the plan of God to set the stage for his subsequent explanation of the role of Israel during this present age and the relation of the church to Israel. [118 minutes]
02 Romans 9 6-13 Romans 9:6-13 - Children of the Promise
Paul explains that the faithful Jewish remnant within national Israel is analogous to the line of promise flowing from Abraham through Isaac to Jacob in accordance with God's sovereignty. [93 minutes]
03 Romans 9 14-24 Romans 9:14-24 - The Potter and the Clay
Paul uses the analogy of a potter fashioning vessels from clay to explain God's sovereignty in choosing some and passing over others. [141 minutes]
04 Romans 9 25-33 Romans 9:25-33 - A Remnant Will be Saved
Paul quotes passages from Hosea and Isaiah showing that the preservation of a faithful remnant from among Israel has always been God's intention and the means by which He will eventually turn Israel back as His People. [91 minutes]
05 Romans 10 1-13 Romans 10:1-13 - The Righteousness of God
In seeking to establish their own righteousness, Israel missed the righteousness provided by God--obtained by believing in the Lord Jesus Christ. [119 minutes]
06 Romans 10 14-21 Romans 10:14-21 - Has Israel Not Heard?
Israel's rejection of Jesus was not due to ignorance, but because of unbelief. The Jews had both general and special revelation concerning God. Therefore God judged Israel by revealing Himself to the Gentiles in order to move the Jews to jealousy. [80 minutes]
07 Romans 11 1-6 Romans 11:1-6 - God Has Not Cast Away The Jews
Paul explains that even though Israel was disobedient, God has not cast away the Jews. Even now, God has a faithful remnant of Jewish believers through whom the promises to the nation are being preserved for future fulfillment. [64 minutes]
08 Romans 11 7-15 Romans 11:7-15 - Life from the Dead
In the sinful rejection of Jesus by Israel, God brought a blessing to the rest of the world because salvation came to the Gentiles. Yet an even greater blessing awaits the world when Israel recognizes her Messiah. Paul describes the future restoration of Israel as a resurrection, even "life from the dead." [76 minutes]
09 Romans 11 16-24 Romans 11:16-24 - Two Olive Trees
Paul warns believing Gentiles not to boast in their standing before God. He reminds them of their dependency upon the promises given to Israel and compares their relationship to that which sustains Israel as that of branches of a wild olive tree which has been grafted into an olive tree cultivated by God. [65 minutes]
10 Romans 11 25-36 Romans 11:25-36 - The Salvation of Israel
Paul educates the Gentiles concerning a mystery: Israel's blindness is only temporary. God will eventually turn away ungodliness from the sons of Jacob leading to the spiriual restoration of Israel. Although they are currently enemies of the gospel, Christians are to love nonbelieving Jews because of God's election of Israel (Isa. 45:4). [100 minutes]

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