The Conscience

Paul Henebury

The Conscience

What does the Bible have to teach us about the conscience? Taught at Agape Bible Church in the Spring of 2020.

[1 hour 41 minutes]

001 Introductory Remarks The Conscience - Introductory Remarks
This sermon is the first in Paul’s short series on "The Conscience." Unfortunately the video is of poor quality and only 19 minutes in duration. Even so, it is helpful to hear the opening, as Paul also shares his thoughts on limited church gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic. Taught at Agape Bible Church on May 17, 2020. [19 minutes]
002 Faith and Conscience The Conscience - Faith and Conscience (Romans 14)
How does our conscience inform our faith? Taught at Agape Bible Church on May 24, 2020. [48 minutes]
003 The Glory of God The Glory of God (1 Corinthians 10:31)
A follow-up to this series on "The Conscience". Taught at Agape Bible Church on May 31, 2020. [38 minutes]

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