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 Newsletter - June 2, 2014

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  1. The Birth of Immanuel (Matthew 1:18-25) 

    The virgin birth is an essential doctrine of the Christian faith. [32 minutes]

    Greg Summers

  2. The Benefits of Loving God (John 15:16-17) 

    The benefits of loving God include joy, friendship with God, fulfilling one's purpose, bearing fruit, praying effectively, and the ability to love others. [1 hour]

    Andy Woods

  3. Promises of Restoration - Part 1 

    Paul discusses promises of restoration which God made in Deuteronomy 30. [23 minutes]

    Paul Henebury

  4. The Coming Kingdom, Part 26 

    Perhaps the primary reason advanced by kingdom now theologians in their attempt to equate God's present work in the church with the present, spiritual manifestation of the Messianic kingdom is that following His Ascension Christ supposedly took His seat on David's Throne in heaven. From this regal position He now orchestrates the spiritual Messianic kingdom through the church. However, it is far better to reject the notion that the Davidic Kingdom is present in any sense today and instead to maintain that the Davidic Kingdom will not be inaugurated until the millennial age. At least six reasons exist in support of this conclusion.

    Andy Woods

  5. Q239 : Interpretive Bias in the Treasury of Scripture Knowledge 

    How should we think about study resources which endorse views we disagree with?

    Tony Garland

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