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 Newsletter - February 10, 2013

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  1. Jesus Our Protector (John 6:16-21) 

    Christ demonstrates compassion for His disciples and His power over nature by walking on water to rescue them. [67 minutes]

    Andy Woods

  2. Expectations of a Jewish Kingdom (Acts 1:4-8) 

    Prior to His ascension, the Apostles ask Jesus a puzzling question revealing a continued expectation of a restored Jewish kingdom. Were they simply slow learners who were mistaken? Where did they get such an expectation? [60 minutes]

    Tony Garland

  3. Christ's Atonement: Its Purpose and Extent, Part 1 

    Intimately entwined within the question as to the extent of Christ’s death on the Cross is the discussion concerning what this event actually achieved. In other words, what was its purpose? The author proves, by means of logic and a proper exegesis of the relevant passages, that Jesus died for every individual, yet that does not inevitably lead to the conclusion that all will be saved.

    This article was originally published in the Conservative Theological Journal , Volume 9 Number 26 (Fort Worth, TX: Tyndale Theological Seminary, 2005), 87:108.

    Paul Henebury

  4. The Extent of the Atonement, Part 2 

    This article examines some passages that defend Unlimited Atonement.

    This article was originally published in the Conservative Theological Journal , Volume 9 Number 27 (Fort Worth, TX: Tyndale Theological Seminary, 2005) 241:257.

    Paul Henebury

  5. The Rapture, Part 10 

    It is common to hear anti-rapturists attack the doctrine of the rapture on the grounds that such an idea is not found in church history until very late. They argue that the doctrine did not exist in church history until the writings of John Nelson Darby in the 1800's. However, the rapture is a traditional doctrine now being recovered.

    Andy Woods

  6. Q206 : Upon Whom Does Jesus Come as a Thief? 

    Who is Jesus warning when He says, “Behold, I am coming as a thief. Blessed is he who watches, and keeps his garments, lest he walk naked and they see his shame” (Rev. 16:15)?

    Tony Garland

  7. Book Recommendation: Rose Guide to the Temple (by Randall Price) 

    This handsomely illustrated guide demonstrates the well-worn adage that "a picture is worth a thousand words." Most of our readers will need no introduction to the author: Dr. Randall Price, one of the foremost authorities today on the Temple and Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The illustrations and plans throughout the guide are breath-taking and give the reader a sense of how imposing the various structures must have been in their day as they stood on what is probably one of the most disputed pieces of real-estate in the history of the world. This is no simplistic picture-book as the artwork and plans are of high quality and considerable detail. Various overlays provide helpful visibility into the different layers (external, internal) which make up the temple-related structures as described. The text is also very informative. As many will know, Dr. Price is a reliable scholar who remains above the sensationalism which often attends this topic.

    Tony Garland

  8. Book Recommendation: The Life of Arthur Pink (by Iain Murray) 

    The first portion of Arthur Pink's ministry was public and full of activity—preaching upwards of 300 times a year. Over time, due to various factors, he wound up without any public ministry, devoting his time exclusively to a writing ministry which during his life had a fairly limited circulation. The last years of he and his wife's life were spent faithfully publishing Pink's Studies in the Scriptures newsletter from their home in Stornoway, in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. His ministry blossomed after he had passed away when his writings eventually received a wide circulation.

    It is said that in 1982 Zondervan Publishing House was steadily selling between 1,500 and 2,000 copies of his Exposition of the Gospel of John every year. Baker Book House at that date had published twenty-two titles by pink, with combined sales of almost 350,000 copies. There was the same success with his Life of Elijah and profiting from the Word, published by the Banner of Truth. Of all his titles, however, it is The Sovereignty of God that has done more than any other in redirecting the thinking of a younger generation. The Banner of Truth republished it in 1961, and to date it has sold more than 177,000 copies, plus others in foreign translations. (pp. 314-315)

    Murray chronicles the life of this fascinating servant of God which provides encouraging insights while illuminating dangers for those whose ministry is characterized by continued labor in relative obscurity and isolation. Unfortunately Murray does not spend much time chronicling Pink's abandonment of his early dispensational views and the treatment suffers slightly from Murray's obvious dislike for and misrepresentation of dispensationalism (e.g., recommending that Pink's early works—written when a dispensationalist—are best avoided and promoting in a footnote the oft-heard error that dispensationalism teaches two ways of salvation ).

    Tony Garland

  9. Master's Seminary Journal - Free Electronic Subscription 

    Those who have been blessed over the years by the many valuable articles concerning Biblical topics in The Master's Seminary Journal will be pleased to know that the journal will now be available freely by electronic subscription.

    For the last 23 years, The Master's Seminary Journal has been publishing articles and book reviews related to biblical and theological studies and we are looking forward to ongoing decades of publishing. The seminary has decided to adopt a more "open text" method of distribution and in the future be providing the journal electronically in PDF format completely free of charge.

    Tony Garland

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