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 Newsletter - November 4, 2012

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  1. God's Economy (Mat. 25:14-30) 

    Three servants are entrusted with differing stewardships in the absence of their lord. Upon the lord's return, two are rewarded and one is punished. [48 minutes]

    Tony Garland

  2. Nick at Night - Part 2 (John 3:1-15) 

    Nicodemus comes to Jesus by way of night only to learn that the way to God involves a spiritual birth rather than adherence to a set of rules for living. [63 minutes]

    Andy Woods

  3. The Bible's Greatest Verse (John 3:16) 

    Within what has come to be the most famous verse in the Bible (and very likely the most quoted sentence ever spoken), Jesus underscores the greatness of the love of God in sacrificing His Son to redeem those who are lost. [62 minutes]

    Andy Woods

  4. Q195 : Is Christian Faith "Blind"? 

    How can a rational individual accept the Christian faith which seems entirely subjective?

    Tony Garland

  5. Q196 : Foreign Tongues on the Day of Pentecost 

    Why did certain Jews understand the foreign languages spoken on the Day of Pentecost whereas others thought those speaking were drunk? Was it simply a matter of hearing with faith vs. unbelieving skepticism?

    Tony Garland

  6. Human Mutation Clock Confirms Creation 

    Is mankind evolving "uphill" toward increasingly better physical characteristics? Or is each generation incurring greater mutation damage indicating a "downhill" trend with time? How frequent are mutations among humans and what does it imply concerning the age of our race? This article by Brian Thomas sheds light on these questions.

    Tony Garland

  7. Book Recommendation: George Whitefield: The Life and Times of the Great Evangelist of the Eighteenth-Century Revival (2 Volumes) 

    Close on the heels of Iain Murray's biography of Jonathan Edwards I undertook Arnold Dallimore's two-volume biography of Edwards' contemporary in the Great Awakening: the evangelist George Whitefield. This must be the definitive biography on Whitefield and does a real service by clarifying Whitefield's key role in the historical events of the Great Awakening and the establishment of Methodism. Especially noteworthy is how the author brings Whitefield out from behind the shadow of John Wesley giving him his rightful place in the spiritual events which were sweeping the American Colonies, England, Wales, and Scotland in the mid seventeen hundreds. I can't recommend this work highly enough. There is little doubt that George Whitefield is one of the most unique, tireless, and influential evangelists ever to follow upon the Apostle Paul. The enormity of his gifts, his dedication to the service of God, the huge crowds which gathered to hear him at all hours of the day, and the constancy of his ministry leave the reader frequently dropping his jaw. This in a day without the benefit of broadcasting or any means of amplification! (Benjamin Franklin, a friend of Whitefield's, estimated he could be heard by upwards of as many as 30,000 persons while preaching out-of-doors.) The biography is not only valuable for its depiction of the man, but also its depiction of the times in which he ministered and especially the work which God was doing in the hearts of thousands and thousands who crammed together in-and-out of doors to hear the great evangelist on both sides of the Atlantic. It was not uncommon for Whitefield to preach to multiple thousands who gathered to hear him as early as 6 AM--and to preach as many as 1,000 times in the course of a year. It is little wonder that his frame was not equal to this ongoing labor such that he was sickly for much of his ministry, reaching its zenith and terminus at age 55. There is no question that Whitefield, the Wesleys, and others of their era were used by God to change the spiritual climate of entire regions such as England, Scotland, Wales, and the American Colonies.

    Tony Garland

  8. Website Feature: Questions and Answers 

    In order to better acquaint our readers with some of the features on our website that they may not be aware of, I've decided to mention some of them in this and upcoming newsletters.

    Questions from readers which have been answered by teachers on our website have been archived and organized by various topics and made available as a growing body of convenient reference material.

    Tony Garland

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