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 Newsletter - July 8, 2012

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  1. Two Houses of the Soul (2Cor. 5:1-11) 

    Video of a Palm Sunday sermon given last April in Napa California by Dr. Paul Henebury concerning our present and future bodily habitations. [56 minutes]

    Paul Henebury

  2. Illogical Empty Tomb Gloom (Mat. 28:1-15) 

    The empty tomb is not easily explained away by various theories which have been put forth in an attempt to deny that Jesus indeed rose from the dead.

    Greg Summers

  3. Introduction to John: Part 2 

    Andy continues his introduction of the book of John which presents Jesus as the Son of God in order that men might believe and have eternal life in His name (John 20:30-31). [68 minutes]

    Andy Woods

  4. Babylon of the End Times 

    This article surveys various lines of biblical evidence that call for a futuristic, literal Babylon. This paper was presented at the 2009 Chafer Theological Seminary Conference.

    Andy Woods

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