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 Newsletter - January 31, 2012

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  1. Mental Renewal (Rom. 12:2) 

    Believers are to avoid being conformed to the world's system of philosophy in favor of being transformed in accord with God's Word and will. [52 minutes]

    Andy Woods

  2. The Worst Investment in the World (Mat. 26:20-25) 

    The Son of God is betrayed for a mere 30 pieces of silver. [29 minutes]

    Greg Summers

  3. The Covenants in the Minor Prophets 

    The minor prophets, which are often overlooked, have much to say concerning the Biblical covenants. [45 minutes]

    Paul Henebury

  4. KHCB Radio Questions and Answers: January 17, 2012 

    Andy appears on a call-in program on KHCB radio answering questions about the Bible. [60 minutes]

    Andy Woods

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