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 Newsletter - May 11, 2011

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  1. Offended by God's Grace (Mat. 20:1-16) 

    We depend upon the grace of God but are often offended when it is extended to others.

    Greg Summers

  2. Gospel Preview (Rom. 1:1-7) 

    In the introduction of his letter to the church at Rome, Paul identifies Jesus of Nazareth as the predicted Messiah of the Old Testament.

    Andy Woods

  3. Sorrow Which Brings Joy (Mat. 20:17-19) 

    The sorrow which Jesus underwent brings great joy to those who are His.

    Greg Summers

  4. Question #164 - Fellowship vs. Separation 

    Is it possible to become so focused on purity that we wind up out of Biblical fellowship?

    Tony Garland

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