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Paul Henebury
Paul Henebury

Teaching on miscellaneous topics by Paul Henebury.

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40 The Light in the Darkness The Light in the Darkness (John 1:3-13)
Jesus shines as a light on the dark deeds of men. Taught at Agape Bible Church on December 9, 2018. [40 minutes]
41 The Revealer Revealed The Revealer Revealed (John 1:14-18)
In the incarnation, God is revealed to mankind in approachable form. Taught at Agape Bible Church on December 23, 2018. [37 minutes]
42 God and Marriage God and Marriage (Matthew 19:4-5)
What God has joined together, let not man separate. Taught at Agape Bible Church on February 10, 2019. [42 minutes]
43 Our Living Redeemer Our Living Redeemer (Job 19:23-27)
As early as the book of Job, Scripture revealed that God would resurrect those who trusted in Him. Taught at Agape Bible Church on April 21, 2019. [40 minutes]

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