1.2 - Acknowledgments

First and foremost, I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Who opened my eyes to the truth and sustained me during this project. May this work, in some small way, bring You glory. I also am grateful for my wife, Deb. For 13 years she lived with an unbelieving husband while petitioning God on my behalf. Her faithful support and encouragement made this work possible. She also spent many hours proofreading the commentary and providing detailed suggestions.

We are indebted to the following individuals who reviewed the commentary or related course materials: William Barton, Beryl Cahoon, Mike Frazier, Paul Henebury, Bruce Hurt, Jim Irwin, Steve Lewis, Charles Ray, and Greg Summers. Steve Lewis provided much-appreciated encouragement when the work seemed overwhelming. My wife Debbie provided her encouragement and support and contributed valuable editing and proof-reading assistance. Although I have had help in finding and correcting errors, whatever errors remain are my responsibility.

Dr. Mal Couch of Tyndale Theological Seminary first suggested the project of producing a detailed course on the Book of Revelation. Preparation for teaching that course eventually led to the production of this commentary. I am also indebted to Dr. Couch and the instructors at Tyndale Seminary for an affordable education in Systematic Theology and biblical languages. (As of February 2013, Dr. Couch has now graduated to heaven.)

Mike McCorkle and Hugh and Celia Johnston showed great patience living next door to a recluse for an extended period. Igor Stelmachenko provided website support so the commentary and associated slide shows could be published for Internet use.

Brandon Staggs’ excellent SwordSearcher Bible Study Program greatly facilitated access to my notes while making it possible to efficiently incorporate Scripture information into the commentary. The magnitude of my task was greatly reduced by his excellent program. I also relied heavily upon Libronix Bible Software for work in the original Greek and for access to an extensive set of digital study resources.

Connecticut College’s Wetmore Print Collection1 provided non-copyrighted images of Albrecht Durer’s famous woodcuts.2

Several individuals and ministries granted permission for their copyrighted materials to appear within this commentary. See Special Permission.

The developers of the Python Programming Language are to be thanked for an extremely productive scripting language. Without the Python language, converting the marked-up original text into an extensively cross-referenced, formatted, final version would have been much more difficult. Python was also used to automatically generate the topic and Scripture indexes.

I am especially indebted to the many men of God who journeyed through the book of Revelation ahead of me and took the time and effort to leave a path of “breadcrumbs” for those who would follow later. Their down-to-earth, literal interpretation of the book of Revelation blows as a fresh breeze in the midst of an ocean of allegory and symbolic conjecture. Many of these men have already gone on to glory: Barnhouse,3 Bullinger,4 Larkin,5 McClain,6 Morris,7 Newell,8 Scott,9 Seiss,10 Trench,11 and Walvoord.12 Others are still with us: Fruchtenbaum,13 MacArthur,14 Pentecost,15 and Thomas.16 How much poorer we would be without their stewardship of the torch of literal, grammatical-historical interpretation so that we might “keep the words of the prophecy of this book” (Rev. 1:3; 22:7)!


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