1.3 - Acknowledgments

This commentary and companion course would not have been possible without the encouragement and support of numerous individuals.

We are indebted to the following individuals who reviewed the commentary or related course materials: William Barton, Alf Cengia, Paul Henebury, John Lobe, Marilyn Marotta, Charles Ray, and my wife, Deb. Although I have had help in finding and correcting errors, whatever errors remain are my responsibility.

My wife Debbie provided her encouragement and support and contributed valuable editing and proof-reading assistance.

Brandon Staggs’ excellent SwordSearcher Bible Study Program greatly facilitated access to our notes making it possible to efficiently incorporate Scripture information into the commentary. The magnitude of our task was greatly reduced by his excellent program. We also relied heavily upon Libronix Bible Software for work in the original languages and for access to an extensive set of digital study resources.

I’m indebted to the work on Bible chronology by Rodger C. Young. His written articles1 and personal correspondence were immensely helpful in determining the dates of events associated with the book of Daniel.

Several individuals and ministries granted permission for their copyrighted materials to appear within this commentary. See Special Permission.

WikiMedia Commons was invaluable as a source for images which inform and illustrate the pages which follow.

The developers of the Python Programming Language are to be thanked for an extremely productive scripting language. Without the Python language, converting the marked-up original text into an extensively cross-referenced, formatted, final version would have been much more difficult. Python was also used to automatically generate the topic and Scripture indexes.

May this effort further the work of God’s Spirit in bringing more people to a saving faith in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.



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