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292Have the events in the Book of Revelation already taken place?

Tony, I read your interesting online article Revelation 1:7 - Past or Future?a

From the . . . [read more]

290Has Daniel 7:13 been Fulfilled?

To Tony Garland

Hi, I am reading your commentary on Daniela at the moment and I must say it is the most objective . . . [read more]

222Critiquing R. C. Sproul's Preterist Interpretation of Prophetic Passages

Tony, I really appreciated your rebuttal of RC Sproul's last days . . . [read more]

221Criticisms of the Futurist Interpretation of Revelation

Your assessment of the views of interpretation seems to be rather bias and judgmental. While I would fall somewhere between the preterist and the idealist (your terms), I do not exclude the . . . [read more]

109The Preterist Interpretation of the Olivet Discourse

Dr. Woods,

I am writing my dissertation on the topic of a pastors guide for teaching the Olivet Discourse. focusing on the Book of Matthew, but I plan to cover the differences in Mark . . . [read more]

63Jerusalem and the Harlot of Revelation 17

I just found your website and I really enjoy most of its content. It is set up in a great way and is really helping me understand idea's and concepts. it is encouraging to see others pour . . . [read more]

35Nero and the Early Church

In your material on Nero (3.12a) you point out that the Neronic geomatric calculation was not proposed until the 1800s . . . [read more]

27Revelation 1:7 - Past or Future?

I am very gratetul to you for your commentary on Revelationa on the Spirit and Truth site. It . . . [read more]

26Global Context of Revelation 13

You're right of course that ge sometimes does have a global referent and preterists recognise this. The question is does it have it in Rev 13? Interestingly I note that although . . . [read more]

25Global Context of Revelation 13

I'm currently working my way through issues related to preterism. In a review of La Haye and Ice's . . . [read more]

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