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327The Identity of the New Testament Text

Pastor Tony,

I have a question I would trust few to answer regarding Wilbur Pickering’s book, The Identity of the . . . [read more]

315How Old was Ahaziah When He Became King?

In 2 Kings 8:26 it states: “Ahaziah [was] twenty-two years old when he became king, and he reigned one year in Jerusalem. His mother's name [was] Athaliah the granddaughter of Omri, king . . . [read more]

274Has the Bible Been Changed?

Hasn’t the Bible been changed over history?

[read more]
199Does Jude Quote from the Book of Enoch?

My question involves this: my church is quoting from the book of Enoch and saying it is a good book to read. I am very uncomfortable with the noncanonical books and your site has helped me . . . [read more]

149Is an Inconsistent Bible Consistent with Divine Inspiration?

Who on earth has the ability to follow the rambling explanationa you give regarding the two differing genealogies of Jesus in the . . . [read more]

131The Canon and the Church Fathers

The question I have is about church fathers who directly succeeded the apostles—the “second generation church fathers,” such as St. Polycarp. My question is why are the . . . [read more]

73Is the KJV Bible Inspired of God?

In a recent article on Christian parenting regarding how to study the Bible, the author makes the statement, . . . the King James Bible is indeed accurately translated and is the preserved . . . [read more]

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