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173Have Modern Scientific Theories Rendered Psalm 19 Irrelevant?

A self-described atheist writes:

[In your Q&A article on Accepting Christ after His Returna you state], ‘Paul makes . . . [read more]

169A Pre-Adamic Race of Men?

Dear Tony,

I have been quite confused concerning a couple issues on demonology. My pastor teaches that demons are not fallen angels (I believe they are) but are disembodied spirits from . . . [read more]

115How Long were the Days of Creation?

At the end of each “day” of creation, it ends with, “and the evening and the morning were the first day.” By our standards, a day, and the sections such as evening and . . . [read more]

113A Young Man Struggles with Faith

I wish to offer, in advance, my apologies if I come across as demeaning at all — I don't wish to offend you in any way, and I will try to choose my words carefully. I don't believe I . . . [read more]

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