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294Why is Replacement Theology so Widespread?

Why do most of the American theological seminaries teach replacement theology, when the one you attended in Dallas . . . [read more]

258Learning from Christian Blogs

Greetings from New Zealand I emailed you back in 2004 regarding preterist interpretations of Revelation 1.7 and other issues regarding Nero. I printed off your whole . . . . . [read more]

189Home Schooling Resources

Hello Mr. Woods, I recently listened to your message on America's Christian Heritage. I've also just . . . [read more]

184Miscellaneous Questions of Faith

I'd like to thank you guys once again for the resources you provide online, good stuff. Well I had a couple of questions and perhaps a comment. How is it that the more I study biblical topics . . . [read more]

77Lost Peoples

If God made humankind, why is he (she?) not universally known to all humankind and never has been? A good “father” does not remain a stranger to his children, right? As an example, . . . [read more]

23How Can Fallen Men Know Truth?

I was was listening to what Alan Watts teaches about eastern philosophies and found this: “The assumption of Judeo-Christian culture is that man is by nature sinful and therefore can't . . . [read more]

15Teaching at College

After having finished a Bachelor's Degree in Biotechnology (genetics), I had a change of heart and decided I would be of most benefit to the world teaching Religion in a College setting. I was . . . [read more]

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