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 Newsletter - November 08, 2011

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  1. Craving Attention over Truth (Mat. 23:1-7) 

    Jesus advises His followers to not to live like the religious leaders of His day who sought the attention of men over the approval of God.

    Greg Summers

  2. The Abrahamic Covenant in the Prophets 

    A survey of various passages from the prophets concerning God's covenant made with Abraham. [25 minutes]

    Paul Henebury

  3. Israel in the Past: Elected - Part 3 (Rom. 9:6-13) 

    Paul explains that even though the majority within Israel rejected their promised Messiah Jesus at His first coming, God's Word has not failed because God has always worked with a believing remnant from within the nation who exhibit true faith. [58 minutes]

    Andy Woods

  4. Do We Need the New Testament to Understand the Old? 

    It is a common feature of discussions with some fellow believers to hear them say that the New Testament interprets the Old. This maxim, which is almost a cliche in some circles, is seldom explained. It is usually taken for granted. "Surely," we are told, "you understand how the NT throws light on passages in the OT?" "Surely you see how NT authors point to fulfillments of OT promises?"

    Paul Henebury

  5. The Coming Kingdom Reign of Christ 

    A new book by Dr. Andy Woods, Dr. Paul Benware, and Dr. Mal Couch. "This volume makes the doctrine of the Kingdom make sense. The three authors show the faults of Covenant Theology and those who deny what the Bible teaches on the subject."

    Andy Woods

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