SpiritAndTruth.org News - September 07, 2009

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  1. Version 0.4 of the Daniel Commentary

    All review comments have been incorporated into the latest version of the Commentary on the Book of Daniel. This completes all the introductory subjects (e.g, author, date, historical setting). This is a work presently under development.
    By Tony Garland

  2. Answer #96 - Why are People Born with Handicaps?

    How are we to understand birth defects in light of Godís sovereignty?
    By Tony Garland

  3. Book review: "A Survey of Bible Prophecy" by Arthur E. Bloomfield.

    This books purports to offer a survey of Bible prophecy. Although literal interpretation is favored and dispensational distinctives are recognized, the text advances numerous dubious conclusions which would confuse those not already well-versed in Bible prophecy. On the other hand, those already knowledgeable on the subject will find little new.
    By Tony Garland

  4. Book review: "Jewish Backgrounds of the New Testament" by J. Julius Scott Jr.

    This book provides valuable background into influences affecting Judaism after the close of the Old Testament and prior to the New Testament. Some of the beliefs and attitudes exhibited by Jews in the New Testament are more easily understood by developments within Judaism which occurred during this time. The book is not recommended for new believers who are not grounded in the Biblical material.
    By Tony Garland

  5. Spirit and Truth Courses are now being offered by Veritas School of Theology

    We are pleased to announce that the Veritas School of Theology is now offering courses taught by instructors from the SpiritAndTruth.org website. Courses offered this semester include the first half of the "Book of Revelation" and "Israel Through the Eyes of Scripture," both taught by Tony Garland. Additional courses by other teachers will are to be offered in subsequent semesters.
    By Tony Garland

  6. Book review: "Israeli/Arab Conflict and the Bible" by Wilbur Smith

    The insights in this book concerning Israel's role in history are as relevant today as when Wilbur Smith first wrote them in 1967.
    By Tony Garland

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