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Newsletter - May 1, 2008

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The Relevance of the Future

(2Pe. 3:3-15)

The skeptics and false teachers of our day were predicted during the apostolic era. The Apostle Peter, by the power of the Spirit, foresaw the modern movement which denies God's direct intervention in history past in an attempt to undermine the expectation of a Second Coming of Christ. This presentation explores the motives of the false teachers and the Scriptural rebuttal given by Peter (2Pe. 3:3-15).

Audio Recording with Slides

(10 slides, 42 minutes)

Andy Woods

Andy Woods
The Doctrine of the Trinity - Part 1

The goal of this study is to present an introduction to the doctrine of the Trinity as well as an exegesis of a specific passage that provides key facts which must be considered in any systematic treatment of the Trinity. The first part of this discussion will include the definition and importance of the doctrine, the early historical development of the doctrine, and important theological concepts relating to this doctrine. Part two will undertake an exegetical analysis of a key Scripture passage on the Trinity (John 15:26-27) in order to understand its contribution to this important doctrine.

(14 pages)

Steve Lewis

Steve Lewis

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