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Newsletter - August 6, 2004

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The following new materials are available:

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Ministers Are Stewards of God�s Truth
(1 Corinthians 4:1-21)
Paul continues discussing the role of ministers by using an illustration from household life: ministers are �house managers� and keepers of the treasure of God�s truth. Then Paul closes with a personal appeal to the Corinthians to end their divisive spirit within the church.
Audio-Visual Course
(16 slides, 1 hour 5 minutes)

Steve Lewis
A Remnant will be Saved
(Romans 9:25-33)
Paul quotes passages from Hosea and Isaiah showing that the preservation of a faithful remnant from among Israel has always been God's intention and the means by which He will eventually turn Israel back as His People.
Audio-Visual Course
(9 slides, 1 hour 31 minutes)

Tony Garland
Dino-bird Had the Brains for Flight
Evolutionists have concluded that the supposed link between dinosaurs and birds, named Archaeopteryx, was similar to modern birds in its capacity for flight. This doesn't surprise Bible students who know that birds have always been birds and not dinosaurs.
External Article John Sibbick (MSNBC)

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