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Newsletter - March 5, 2004

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The following new materials are available:

Description Media Author
Keep Doing What You Know to be Right
(2 Thessalonians 3:13-18)
Paul reviews his previous instructions to the Church and cautions them to carry out his command with brotherly love. He closes this letter with a fervent wish for the Lord's presence and grace in the Church.
Slides with Audio Steve Lewis
The Second Coming of Christ
(Revelation 19)
Heaven rejoices for the Harlot has been judged and the marriage of the Lamb has come. He Who is called Faithful and True, the Word of God, rides forth upon a white horse with the armies of heaven to vanquish the Beast and his armies on the earth below.
Slides with Audio Tony Garland
Commentary on Revelation 19
Commentary providing additional background for the audio recording on Revelation 19.
Article Tony Garland
Marriage of the Lamb
(Revelation 19:7)
A discussion of Jewish Wedding practices and the role of Israel, the Church, and the New Jerusalem in relation ot the marriage of the Lamb.
Article Tony Garland

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