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Newsletter - February 27, 2004

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The following new materials are available:

Description Media Author
Dealing with the Unruly Within the Church
(2 Thessalonians 3:6-12)
In this section Paul addresses a specific issue in the Thessalonian church: there were some among them who were expecting the Church to provide for their material needs. Paul answers the question of what the Church is to do when their admonitions are ignored.
Slides with Audio Steve Lewis
Babylon the Great is Fallen!
(Revelation 18)
The great city of Babylon is suddenly and permanently destroyed by God. Her long-prophesied destruction is lamented by the kings, merchants, and shipmasters of the earth who profited from her luxurious excess, idolatry, and harlotry.
Slides with Audio Tony Garland
Commentary on Revelation 18
Commentary providing additional background for the audio recording on Revelation 18.
Article Tony Garland

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