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Newsletter - February 19, 2004

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The following new materials are available:

Description Media Author
Babylon and the Harlot
(Revelation 17/18)
What is the meaning of Babylon and the Harlot in the book of Revelation? Is Babylon the city of Rome? The city of Jerusalem? Could it be some other major city such as London or New York? Is the Harlot Roman Catholicism? Is she an end-time ecclesiastical system? We explore these and related questions.
Slides with Audio Tony Garland
What is the meaning of Babylon in the Book of Revelation? Could it be a modern city such as New York or Rome? Is it a political or religious system? We discuss various issues concerning the identification of Babylon based on both Old and New Testament prophecies.
Article Tony Garland
A Woman Rides the Beast
(Revelation 17)
An angel shows John a harlot riding a beast with seven heads and ten horns. The angel describes the mystery surrounding her identity and her relationship with the beast.
Slides with Audio Tony Garland
Commentary on Revelation 17
Commentary providing additional background for the audio recording on Revelation 17.
Article Tony Garland

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