Reader Comments
Daniel Discovered

The "As We Begin" section is an invaluable lead-in to a study and discussion that is applicable to all of Scripture. It would please me greatly if this or something very close to this level of background information, apologetic, and guide to the study of Scripture was included with all courses in the study of the Bible. I have enjoyed it and have received benefit from it.

-- Alaska

It was with great pleasure and thanksgiving to God for the news that you have announced your continuation of your commentary on the Prophet Daniel. There is a reason that the writing of books are called "works" for it is truly a dedication of time to our Lord to prepare a commentary on any part of the inspired Scriptures. The introduction of the commentary recently released on the Spirit And Truth Website was a privilege and joy to read. I will refer to it often as I wait with great expectation on the completion of the commentary section. This introduction is a much needed contribution to the works on Daniel and it can stand alone as a work that will be blessed of the Lord as it speaks truth to those who are seeking an overview of Daniel that gives validation to the author of Scripture, our Lord.

-- Niagara Falls, Canada

Hi, I am reading your commentary on Daniel at the moment and I must say it is the most objective and exhaustive analysis of this book ever posted on the Internet. This coming Saturday I'm visiting a church in London. I'm going to recommend your commentary to those other believers! Thank you for your labor in this book. Line by line exposition seems to be disappearing from the church scene. Your methods seem much like those coming out of Dallas Theological Seminary decades ago.

-- London, England