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Copying and Distributing

The material is provided freely and is not subject to copyright restrictions except where noted below . All original material developed by SpiritAndTruth.org in the form of programs and study texts may be freely used and copied within the terms of a simple license intended to address liability considerations.

Except where noted below, all materials on the SpiritAndTruth.org website or CDROM may be copied, posted on alternate internet sites, and distributed for noncommercial purposes so long as the following conditions are met:

  1. The content of the material must remain unaltered, except for purposes of formatting and presentation.
  2. The material must retain the copyright attribution of the original author from our site.
  3. The copied material must indicate the source as www.SpiritAndTruth.org. When posted on a website, a link must be included to www.SpiritAndTruth.org.

If you would like to use material from SpiritAndTruth.org for purposes which are not addressed above, please contact us.

We gratefully acknowledge the contributions made by others who produced most of the material which we've integrated on this site.


The following items are made available by special permission and CANNOT be extracted for use in derivative works. However, CD's provided by SpiritAndTruth.org containing these resources may be duplicated without modification and distributed at no charge for noncommercial purposes.