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335What About Dr. John MacArthur’s Teaching on the Mahdi of Islam as the Antichrist?

I am simply dumbfounded in listening to John MacArthur and his strange teachings concerning, who is the AntiChrist!1. The Mahdi? Where is this . . . [read more]

332Do You Believe in Historic (Classic) Premillennialism?

Do you believe in Historic (Classic) Premillennialism? I'm wanting to learn about this view.

A simple "yes" or "no" to the first question will do. If . . . [read more]

330Discerning Rapture from Second Coming Passages

Hello Dr. Garland:

Your website and articles have formed the foundation of my study of Revelation.

You research has been extremely helpful and I truly appreciate all of the work . . . [read more]

197The Origin of Antichrist

I've often heard prophecy teachers say that in every generation Satan has someone that he is grooming for the possibility to become the Antichrist. However, today I was reading a piece on a . . . [read more]

183Eschatology of Dispensationalism vs. Historic Premillennialism

Dear Pastor Woods,

I struggle and struggle with eschatology [the study of last things] between the viewpoints of Dispensationalism and Historic Premillennialism. What advice can you . . . [read more]

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